Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions below;

  1. All driving lessons must be paid for before each lesson or in advance if paying as a block booking.
  2. If you need to change the time of your lesson or to cancel for any reason 24 hours notice needs to be given. If less than 24 hours notice is given then the lesson price will be charged in full.
  3. Your driving lessons will be structured to cover the TDA driving syllabus. Once you show that we are reaching the required standard then a test date will be agreed. If the standard isn’t maintained after the test is booked then alternative date may be offered to give you more time to prepare for your test.
  4. We reserve the right to amend driving lessons if we are unable to keep the appointment in the event of pre-booked driving tests, mechanical breakdown, sickness, pre-booked holidays or due to traffic.
  5. In the interest of road safety we reserve the right to withdraw the use of the instructors car for tests without prior notice, should you fail to reach the required standard.
  6. Any block bookings will be valid for 12 months after this period any lessons not taken will be nil and void.
  7. Gift vouchers will be valid for 12 months from issue date.
  8. Please be aware in the current climate there is quite a wait for practical test dates.
    When your practical test is booked though your Driving-Academy instructor it’s very important we agree a lessons structure from the time of booking until your test date.
    If you choose to have a break from lessons to wait for a driving test appointment, you may loose your slot as your space will be filled by a new pupil from the waiting list.
  9. Your instructor may book a practical test for you. This is entirely to get you a test slot and not 100% guarantee you the initial date set. You must meet the required standard so your test date may be moved backwards or forwards to ensure you’re ready for your test.
  10. Your instructor is a self employed franchisee of The-Driving-Academy . The contract for driving lessons is solely between you and your instructor. The-Driving-Academy act as an agent for your instructor. The-Driving-Academy does not handle payment from pupils on behalf of your instructors. Your payments for driving tuition are made directly by you to your instructor. The-Driving-Academy accepts no responsibility for any payments or pre payments made direct to your instructor. In the event of your instructor no longer operating under The-Driving-Academy we will envisage to transfer you to another Driving-Academy instructor but cannot guarantee. Any monies owed or due is between you and your instructor and in no way are The-Driving-Academy responsible.
  11. Under 17 Terms and Conditions. All payments must be made at time of booking and 14 days should be given if you need to cancel or swap the booking. Refunds will only be given if full 14 days notice is given.