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Bishop Auckland College

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Andy McDonald The-Driving-Academy.

Andy has a wealth of experience as a driving instructor and really enjoys the daily challenge teaching different people brings. Andy has a fun approach to teaching and always has a smile on his face (Probably from laughing at his own jokes)


Darran shaw

Darran has nearly 20 years of experience as a driving instructor and is highly regarded not only by his pupils but by other instructors. Darran was founder and chairman of Bishop Auckland Driving Instructors Association for over 13 years.


Adam Cruddace adi

Adam has been a driving instructor for over 9 years, he joined The-Driving-Academy in 2017 and enjoys everything cars! A Toyota nut and a passion for safe driving Adam is a great addition to our team.


Mark smith TDA

Mark joined The-Driving-Academy in 2018 and is a popular instructor not only with his pupils but everyone in our team. Mark always has a smile on his face and offers fun and rewarding lessons. Mark has enabled us to grown The-Driving-Academy to cover Durham, Stanley, Consett, Chester-Le-Street and Birtley areas.


Ian Edminson bishop auckland

Ian is the latest ADI to join our growing team of instructors. Ian  joined The-Driving-Academy in 2020 and has given us the opportunity to strengthen our very popular Under-17-Driving-Academy as well as support our instructors based in Bishop Auckland. Ia is a very experienced ADI and will benefit our team with his excellent people skills.

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